Total surface
25,000 m²

Established in 1957 by Mr. Sergio Jovinelli and formerly known as Brembana Costruzioni Industriali S.r.l., Valbrembo site is the headquarters of Brembana&Rolle Group where engineering, procurement and administration activities have been centralized after the merging of Brembana Costruzioni Industriali with Rolle S.p.A. The workshop is specialized in the fabrication of high and medium pressure Heat Exchangers including screw plug type, Waste Heat Boilers, Texas Towers and advanced heat transfer technologies such as EMbaffle®, Helix® and Rod Baffles for O&G, Refineries, Fertilizers, Petrochemical and Power plants.

The design department is capable to develop process, thermal and mechanical calculations as well as FEA analysis thanks to the long experience of B&R’s engineers and to their knowledge of all main software used in the industry such as HTRI, PV Elite, ANSYS, etc. The Valbrembo site occupies an area of approximately 25,000 sqm of which 10,000 sqm covered and equipped with the most advanced machineries suitable for the fabrication and the testing of Heat Exchangers and other products within the Company portfolio. CNC deep drilling machines, CNC vertical and horizontal lathes, oxy and plasma cutting machines and a wide range of welding machines, including orbital TIG for automatic tube to tube-sheet welding, are available in the workshop. The main export port is Marghera (Ve) roughly 200 km away from the facility but easily connected by road.

Zanon Site

Total surface
30.000 m²

The Schio (Vi) Plant is the historical site of the former E. Zanon S.p.A.. In August 2019, B&R acquired Zanon Pressure Equipment S.r.l. in order to enhance its presence and competitiveness on the PV Market. In 2022 Zanon PE is merged into B&R in order to exploit the appropriate synergies but the Zanon plant in Schio maintains its identity and continues to collaborate with customers with the same innovative approach and unique experience.

This shop is mainly dedicated to the production of Licensed equipment for Petrochemical, Ammonia, Urea and Melamine, further to Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Vessels, Columns and Cryostats & equipment for High Energy Research sector.

The plant covers an area of approx.. 30,000 sq. meters, of which 20,000 are covered. Maximum Crane lifting capacity is 250 tons for one piece. One workshop bay of approximately 1.500 sqm is completely dedicated to white material.

Two pits for vertical assembling with a depth of 8 m and 16 m and with a total clearance under hook of up to 34 mt.


Total surface
30,000 m²

Rolle S.p.A. moved its operations in the Albignasego site during the sixties in order to expand its production towards the Oil & Gas industry. Through the years the Company focused more and more on the supply of Critical Equipments for Refineries and other Petrochemical Plants. HDS/HDT Reactors, CCR Reactors, Hot Temperature Separators and high pressure Heat Exchangers in conventional low alloy steels and advanced low alloy vanadium modified steels are within the range of product of the Albignasego site. The workshop includes five different bays equipped with overhead cranes up to 300 tons for a total covered area of approximately 8,500 sqm.

A rolling plate machine capable to bend plates up to six inches of thickness as well as a furnace suitable for the post weld heat treatment of huge pieces are only some of the machines at the disposal of the highly experienced Albignasego workforce. The only weak point of this location has always been the limited space available for the fabrication and the storage of the products; this is why Brembana&Rolle’s has recently invested into a brand new facility located at Marghera. On an area of 6,500 sqm one single bay 25 meters width and 100 meters length has been built mainly as final assembly area of the oversized equipment manufactured at the Albignasego site as well as in other shops. The new facility is few hundred meters away from the port entrance and allows the shipment of Reactors, Columns and Vessels of any size and weight.

Villa & Bonaldi Site

Total surface
25,000 m²

Villa & Bonaldi has more than 130 employees and production worth over 30 million euros. It joined the Brembana&Rolle Group in 2014, thereby creating one of the largest European groups in the sector ensuring strong global competitiveness thanks to about 100 million euros of turnover and more than 300 employees. Villa & Bonaldi was founded in Ricengo in 1906 and is a historic reality in the production of Heat Exchangers, columns and reactors for the Oil & Gas and fertilizer industries.

Above all, thanks to its specific knowhow and high-level technological expertise, Villa & Bonaldi has achieved a position of leadership in the supply of critical equipment for ammonia and urea plant, ranking today as one of the few companies in the world possessing the necessary qualifications.



Founded in 2007 by Shell Global Solutions, headquarters in the Netherlands, EMbaffle® is a former wholly-owned Shell Technology Ventures Company. Brembana&Rolle Group took it over in 2012, to widen its portfolio of high performing Heat Exchangers for critical fouling services, demanding gas services, characterized by limited pressure drops, vibrational issues and high mass flow rates, and the Thermal Storage service in Concentrated Solar Plants into the Renewable Power Generation, Patented EMbaffle® design is licensed to a selected network of Heat Exchanger Manufacturers at worldwide level. They guarantee the highest quality standards in the mechanical design, construction and delivery of the EMbaffle® equipment.


Founded in 2010 with headquarters in Brembate (Bergamo), NRG Green Recovery Power Systems S.p.A. was acquired by Brembana&Rolle Group in 2012. The company is specialized in the analysis of industrial energy flows aimed to the design, manufacturing and control of Integrated Systems for the production of electricity and in general for the best use of Heat. Thanks to patented processes based on ORC Technology (Ranking Organic Cycle) - the Company provides Systems for the production of electricity in the range (50-2000 kWe) - using both renewable sources of different natures and waste heat of Industrial Processes. In particular, for the companies with high energy consumptions, NRG offers integrated solutions with maximum reuse of direct heat and transformation into electricity of the excess.

Never as today it has been necessary to look to the future and to a sustainable development. B&R knows the value of the social responsibility and for this we have chosen to invest in the renewable resources and in the technological research. The integration in the Brembana&Rolle Group allows NRG to offer to its clients the high competence and experience in heat transfer and industrial processes gained in decades of presence on the markets, assuring so the perfect control of the whole mechanism of analysis and the best technological solutions in the critical phase of heat recovery which impact directly on production processes.


  • 6 M

  • 80 M

  • 1,000 T



Manufacturing pits

N° 3 pits, with the bigger being 18 m depth x 6 m dia

New Milling Machine

CNC deep drilling machine

up to 6,000 x 6,000 x 800 mm

Deep drilling detail

Automatic boring of tube to tubesheet bevel

CNC expanding machine

Vertical lathe

up to 4,250 x 3,500 mm

Strip weld deposit

by ESW method

Inner bore

welding TITANIUM

Company School

for young welders 4th Base Module

Tube to Tubesheet joint

semi-automatic welding under electrical resistance preheating

SAW Nozzle

to shell automatic welding

Flange gasket seat SAW

weld overlay

Orbital TIG Tubes

to Tubesheet welding

Lifting capacity

up to 450 tons

Manual grinding of bevel


Plasma cutting machine

PWHT furnace

8.0 m x 22.0 m

Plate rolling machine

3,500 mm x 150 mm Thk